Learn about bio-construction & sustainable living 2 hours from Rio

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volunteer who works in our organic garden
volunteer who works in our organic garden
volunteer farm brazil view permaculture meal
volunteer farm brazil view permaculture meal
bio construction volunteer brazil nature
bio construction volunteer brazil nature
bio construction volunteer rio de janeiro brazil
bio construction volunteer rio de janeiro brazil


Do you want to live sustainably and learn how to bioconstruct your own house? Here at Eco Caminhos we truly believe in getting your hands dirty and letting you have a completely hands on experience.

We want to give you, the volunteer, an experience that you will take away with you for a life time. Therefore our programme is completely unique and completely customizable.

We tailor make a schedule for each volunteer so they truly get the experience they want and need.

For 3 days of the week, you will gain knowledge and hands on experience in sustainable living & technology, bio-construction and organic farming at Eco Caminhos. The other 2 days of the week, Will be your days off, many of our volunteers choose to learn portuguese, travel in to Rio, or take a splash in to the many activities like hiking and many more.

This gives you the chance to really feel part of the Brazillian culture and explore Brazil in whichever way you want.

  • Hands on Bio Construction Work with induction & expert guidance
  • All meals will be provided. Please note you may have to cook the meals, we find this is a great way to bond with fellow volunteers and eat together in true Brazillian fashion.
  • Portuguese Lessons, We feel its important to become as integrated into the culture as possible and a 'bom dia' a day goes a long way! We will provide one hour of free portuguese lessons from native portuguese speakers for every week you stay with us.
  • Support & Activities, Our support team will be there for you every step of the way, from your flights & visas to organising your weekends. We also schedule weekly activities such as hiking, football, workshops, park visits and much more!
  • Many people rediscover themselves. People find their connection with nature.


Welcome to Eco Caminhos a self-sustaining Eco Farm situated in the beautiful Atlantic Forest mountain region in Brazil. We invite people from across the globe to join us and experience our simplistic lifestyle in a peacefull setting disconnected from the hectic world. At the farm we follow the permaculture principals and you can learn about and practise bioconstruction (natural building) , agroforestry ( syntrophic farming) and renewable energy. In your free time you can share a nice healthy meal at a campfire, go hiking or do horseback riding in the mountains, jump under one of the amazing waterfalls or do a nice board game with the other residents. We offer you Portuguese classes and the possibility to live at the farm with other residents or submerge yourself in the local culture and language by doing a homestay with local families.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Eco Caminhos life experience

I was at Eco Caminhos two years ago and stayed there for 9 months together. During my time I learned a lot about naturel building and perma culture. Especially the building program was very interesting. But the most important thing for me personal was to became myself again. I couldn't find my way in the Netherlands - I had an depression - and stepping out of my comfort zone was the best decision I could make. When I was in holland I never had the feeling to talk about all my problems - the people had constantly an jugde about me what makes me feel very frustrated. Brasil teached me to be more open minded and the people there are very relaxed. I made a lot of new friends who I am still in contact nowadays. This place and the nature are just fantastic and it will refresh your mind!!

What would you improve about this program?
I think during the week everything was pretty good organized. But in my opinion the weekends could be better - more activities for people.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Building towards sustainability

I've came to Eco Caminhos in the fall of 2017 and stayed for three months. I would have stayed longer if the visum had permitted it! During this time I've learned a lot about eco-contruction and permaculture, I made new friends, took in the smashing surroundings and generally had a blast!

For me, going back to a more basic form of life has really done me well. It helped me reconnect to the things in life that are really important to me. Meeting people, social interaction without a social media interaction layer in between ;). You could say it helped me realise that in life, we get surrounded with a lot of useless and pointless extra bagage and luxery we really don't need, and actually don't want for the most part. It was refreshing and inspiring to spend my energy on concrete and meaningfull activities like working on building our eco guest lodge, working in the gardens to grow our own food etc. Being out in nature, taking in the smashing views while working with your hands, really helps to clear the mind and just enjoy the moment. Hiking in the beautiful surroundings was ammazing aswell and worthwhile cities to visit like Rio the Janeiro, Búzios etc. are all in reach with decently organised public transportation.

My goal was to have a break of my regular job in health care, experience something new and learn new things like eco building techniques. During my stay I got so excited about the work, I decided to change things around when i'd go back to Holland. And so i did. I decided to take on a new career and am now working in construction, planning to steer my newfounded company in the direction of some form of eco construction!

I havent had much experiences like this that really set me on a new path, I guese you could say the experience has been life changing for me!

What would you improve about this program?
There is always ways to improve, I couldn't really say what needs work at the moment. Sure, I ran in to stuff at times but on the whole don't think these were things that could have been solved with a different planning for instance. During my stay I experienced a willingness to improve and listen, I really loved that open form of discussion and openeness to input.
Yes, I recommend this program

Experience with Eco Caminhos

As soon as I arrived at Eco Caminhos, I was welcomed with open arms and smiles all around. Whether during day to day work or during hikes, camping and tours, the team were eager show me around, teach me new things and make sure I settled in as comfortably as possible.
It's been a fantastic experience meeting faces from different corners of the globe, sharing cultures, ideas and growing together.

About Eco Caminhos

Eco Caminhos is a self-sustaining Eco Farm situated in the in the beautiful green mountains of Nova Friburgo, Brazil. We bioconstruct (natural build) our own houses, We apply organic farming and agroforestry to grow our own healthy food. We invite...
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